11 KAR 20:001. Definitions for 11 KAR Chapter 20.


      RELATES TO: KRS 164.7894

      STATUTORY AUTHORITY: KRS 164.744(2), 164.7894

      NECESSITY, FUNCTION, AND CONFORMITY: KRS 164.744(2) authorizes the authority to provide scholarships. KRS 164.7894(6) requires the authority to promulgate administrative regulations as may be needed for the administration of the program. This administrative regulation defines terms used in 11 KAR Chapter 20 pertaining to the Kentucky Coal County College Completion Program.


      Section 1. Definitions. (1) "Academic term" means the fall or spring semester at a postsecondary institution and does not include summer sessions.

      (2) "Academic year" means a period of time that begins July 1 of a calendar year and ends June 30 of the next succeeding calendar year.

      (3) "Authority" is defined by KRS 164.740(1).

      (4) "Census date" means the date set by the institution that marks the end of the add/drop period.

      (5) "District" is defined by KRS 164.7894(2)(a).

      (6) "Full-time" means enrollment in a postsecondary program of study that meets the full-time requirements of the participating or nonparticipating institution in which the student is enrolled, typically consisting of a minimum of twelve (12) credit hours per semester.

      (7) "Half-time" means enrollment in a postsecondary program of study that amounts to at least one-half (1/2) the workload required for full-time enrollment, as determined by the participating or nonparticipating institution, typically consisting of a minimum of six (6) credit hours per semester.

      (8) "High school" is defined by KRS 164.7894(2)(b).

      (9) "Kentucky Coal County College Completion scholarship" or "KCCCC scholarship" is defined by KRS 164.7894(2)(c).

      (10) "Kentucky Coal County College Completion student services grant" or "KCCCC student services grant" is defined by KRS 164.7894(2)(d).

      (11) "Nonparticipating institution" is defined by KRS 164.7894(5).

      (12) "Participating institution" is defined by KRS 164.7894(3).

      (13) "Tuition" is defined by KRS 164.7894(2)(e). (41 Ky.R. 1240; Am. 1506; eff. 2-6-2015.)