11 KAR 20:030. Award determination procedure.


      RELATES TO: KRS 164.7894

      STATUTORY AUTHORITY: KRS 164.744(2), 164.7894

      NECESSITY, FUNCTION, AND CONFORMITY: KRS 164.744(2) authorizes the authority to provide scholarships. KRS 164.7894(6) requires the authority to promulgate administrative regulations as may be needed for the administration of the program. This administrative regulation establishes the awarding procedures applicable to the Kentucky Coal County College Completion Scholarship Program.


      Section 1. Awarding. (1) A person who received a scholarship pursuant to KRS 164.7894 in the spring academic term immediately preceding the award year shall be eligible to apply for and be considered a renewal applicant if the applicant applies by the deadline set forth in 11 KAR 20:020.

      (2) Scholarships shall be awarded to eligible certified applicants chronologically based on FAFSA completion date in the following order:

      (a) Renewal applicants; and

      (b) New applicants.

      (3) The maximum scholarship award amount for full-time and less than full-time enrollment shall be calculated as set forth in KRS 164.7894(9). An eligible student enrolled full-time in twelve (12) or more credit hours shall be entitled to the maximum award.


      Section 2. Reduction for Less than Full-Time Study. (1) If an eligible student is enrolled less than full-time for an academic term, the maximum award amount to which the student is entitled shall be as follows:

      (a) Fifty (50) percent if enrolled for six (6) credit hours;

      (b) Fifty-eight (58) percent if enrolled for seven (7) credit hours;

      (c) Sixty-seven (67) percent if enrolled for eight (8) credit hours;

      (d) Seventy-five (75) percent if enrolled for nine (9) credit hours;

      (e) Eighty-three (83) percent if enrolled for ten (10) credit hours; and

      (f) Ninety-two (92) percent if enrolled for eleven (11) credit hours.

      (2) A participating or nonparticipating institution shall determine full-time and less than full-time enrollment status for purposes of this administrative regulation in the same manner as the institution uses to determine enrollment status for Pell Grant eligibility based upon the number of credit hours in which an eligible student is enrolled and in accordance with 34 C.F.R. 668.2. (41 Ky.R. 1244; Am. 1507; eff. 2-6-2015.)