16 KAR 9:050. Alternative training program eligibility requirements for middle school and secondary school teachers.


      RELATES TO: KRS 161.028(1)(a), (c), 161.030, 161.048(3), 161.049

      STATUTORY AUTHORITY: KRS 161.028(1)(a), (c), 161.030, 161.048(3)

      NECESSITY, FUNCTION, AND CONFORMITY: KRS 161.048(3) establishes the basic eligibility requirements for candidates seeking to participate in a local district alternative training program. This administrative regulation establishes the minimum scores required on certain tests and establishes the study or experience required of candidates.


      Section 1. The district superintendent shall be responsible for development, submission and implementation of the district plan required by KRS 161.048(3). The plan shall be signed by:

      (1)(a) The district superintendent; or

      (b) If the plan is submitted by a consortium, each superintendent involved in the consortium; and

      (2) The dean of the teacher education unit at the sponsoring college or university.


      Section 2. The alternative training program for middle school teachers and for secondary school teachers shall include the district plan, professional support team, formal instruction, training for the candidate, training for the support team, informal observation and critique, formal observation and evaluation, evaluation report of candidate, program evaluation, and appeals process as required by 16 KAR 9:060.


      Section 3. Prerequisites for Participation. (1) A candidate shall provide evidence of compliance with KRS 161.048(3) to participate in a state-approved local district alternative training program for middle school or secondary school teachers.

      (2) A candidate seeking eligibility to take a subject field test based on experience in the subject field pursuant to KRS 161.048(3)(b) shall submit documentation of the candidate's employment history, including a position description that shows a direct relationship to the subject matter of the candidate’s teaching field for:

      (a) The candidate’s current position; or

      (b) If the candidate is currently unemployed, the position held immediately prior to application for entry to the alternative training program.


      Section 4. Issuance of Provisional Certificate. A provisional certificate shall be reissued for a second year if the candidate is:

      (1) Recommended for reentry to an alternative training program; and

      (2) Employed by a district for participation in its approved training program.

      (3) Teachers holding the one (1) year provisional certificate and participating in an approved alternative training program established in 16 KAR 9:060 shall be classified in Rank IV for salary purposes.


      Section 5. Completion of Training Program. Upon successfully completing the alternative training program and the specialty area tests as established in 16 KAR 6:010, and upon receiving a recommendation of approval by the professional support team, the candidate shall be issued a statement of eligibility for participation in the Kentucky teacher internship program established in KRS 161.030 and implemented through 16 KAR 7:010. (18 Ky.R. 221; eff. 9-6-91; Am. 26 Ky.R. 1038; 1417; eff. 1-18-2000; recodified from 704 KAR 20:590, 7-2-2002.)