106 KAR 5:040. Initiation of a crisis or disaster response.


      RELATES TO: KRS 36.250, 36.255, 36.260, 36.270,


      NECESSITY, FUNCTION AND CONFORMITY: KRS 36.260(5) requires the Board to promulgate administrative regulations relating to the operation of crisis response services. This administrative regulation establishes the mechanism for initiating a crisis response.


      Section 1. Kentucky Community Crisis Response Board. The KCCRB shall be the lead agency for crisis or disaster response behavioral health services. Crisis response services shall be initiated by:

      (1) Activation by the Kentucky Division of Emergency Management;

      (2) Executive Order of the Governor declaring a state of emergency or disaster; or

      (3) Request of an individual designated by the highest authority within an agency, community, school, or other organization impacted by a crisis or disaster.


      Section 2. Kentucky Community Crisis Response Team.

      (1) The KCCRT may support crisis response services for emergency services personnel, survivors, and other affected persons following a crisis or disaster if:

      (a) A memorandum of understanding is in place with the requesting organization; or

      (b) Requested by the Emergency Management Assistance Compact.

      (2) A request for KCCRT services shall be made by contacting:

      (a) The Kentucky State Emergency Operations Center Duty Officer; or

      (b) The 24-hour crisis line of the Office of the KCCRB. (33 Ky.R. 3120; 3601; eff. 7-6-2007.)