200 KAR 3:010. Vehicle parking and traffic control.


      RELATES TO: KRS Chapter 56


      NECESSITY, FUNCTION, AND CONFORMITY: This administrative regulation establishes the rules for the operation and parking of motor vehicles on the grounds of the State Capitol and all other state-owned facilities except those exclusively used by and in the custody of any state agency authorized by law to control vehicular traffic and parking. The proposed amendments to this administrative regulation are for the purpose of correcting those deficiencies raised by the Interim Joint Committee on State Government during its quadrennial review of this administrative regulation. The proposed amendments also clarify the regulatory provisions governing reserved parking at state-owned facilities.


      Section 1. Parking areas or spaces on state grounds not specifically designated as reserved or restricted as provided in this administrative regulation shall be available for use by all state employees and visitors. Employee and visitor parking in posted parking areas or spaces is prohibited. Unauthorized vehicles parking in these spaces may be removed at the owner's or operator's expense. Privately owned vehicles left overnight may be removed from the grounds at the owner's expense unless authorization for overnight parking has been obtained from the Facilities Security Section, Department of State Police.


      Section 2. (1) Specific parking areas or spaces may be reserved for:

      (a) Elected officials and their principal assistants;

      (b) Members of the Judiciary;

      (c) Members of the Governor's and Lieutenant Governor's staff;

      (d) Members of the cabinet and their deputies;

      (e) Heads of departments, their deputies, or employees of comparable grade and position;

      (f) Emergency vehicles;

      (g) Temporarily or permanently handicapped employees; and

      (h) State employees who have submitted a written request approved by the head of their respective agency stating a justifiable need for the requested reserved space. These requests shall be subject to the availability of parking space.

      (2) Persons eligible for reserved parking, shall apply to Division of Real Properties, Finance and Administration Cabinet, for a reserved parking permit. All persons authorized to have a reserved parking space shall display the appropriate tag or bumper sticker issued by the Division of Real Properties, Finance and Administration Cabinet. Any vehicle that does not properly display the appropriate tag or bumper sticker and is parked in a reserved parking space may be removed at the operator's or owner's expense.


      Section 3. Sections of the parking lots of state-owned facilities may be posted as restricted areas for carpool parking. For purposes of determining eligibility for parking in a carpool parking area, a carpool must consist of three (3) or more state employees who ride together to commute between their homes and official work stations.


      Section 4. When the General Assembly is in session, all or portions of any level of the Capital parking structure may be reserved for members of the General Assembly and staff. Sections of any level may be reserved or restricted between legislative sessions for parking by members of the Interim Committees of the General Assembly and for meetings of the Legislative Research Commission of the General Assembly.


      Section 5. Vehicles parked parallel to the roadway shall be parked within the lines, with the vehicle headed in the direction of the traffic flow. No vehicle shall be double parked or parked or left standing unattended next to any yellow line or on any yellow striped area, or in a fire lane, or in any area in which a "no parking" sign has been posted.


      Section 6. Speed limits on roads on the grounds of state- owned facilities shall be twenty-five (25) miles per hour unless a lower speed limit is posted. All laws and administrative regulations governing the movement and operation of motor vehicles on the public highways of this Commonwealth shall be enforced on the grounds of state-owned facilities. All accidents occurring on the grounds of state-owned facilities shall be reported to the Facilities Security Police or the State Police. Accident reports shall be compiled by the State Police. (KFinR-Serv 1-1; 1 Ky.R. 591; eff. 4-9-75; Am. 7 Ky.R. 778; eff. 5-6-81; 18 Ky.R. 325; eff. 9-11-91.)