200 KAR 5:310. Multiple contracts.


      RELATES TO: KRS Chapter 45A


      NECESSITY, FUNCTION, AND CONFORMITY: KRS 45A.035 authorizes the Secretary of the Finance and Administration Cabinet to promulgate administrative regulations for the implementation of the Kentucky Model Procurement Code (KRS Chapter 45A). This administrative regulation implements the provisions of KRS 45A.035(2)(i).


      Section 1. Multiple contracts may be awarded on the basis of a single solicitation, if it is determined in writing by the purchasing officer in advance of the solicitation that the award of multiple contracts may be in the commonwealth's best interests. A determination that multiple contracts may be awarded shall not preclude the award of a single contract for the procurement.


      Section 2. If it is determined in writing by the purchasing officer after the evaluation of competitive bids, or the closing of competitive negotiations, that bids or offers substantially and materially responsive to the terms of the procurement have been received for only a part of the requirements of the procurement, a contract or contracts may be awarded as to the part of the procurement for which responsive bids or offers have been received. Bids or offers determined nonresponsive shall be disqualified and new bids or proposals may be solicited, on the same or revised terms, conditions, and specifications. (5 Ky.R. 577; Am. 950; 6 Ky.R. 10; eff. 7-17-79; 18 Ky.R. 1363; eff. 1-10-92; 30 Ky.R. 677; 1466; eff. 1-5-2004.)