201 KAR 21:042. Standards, application, and approval of continuing education.


      RELATES TO: KRS 312.085, 312.175

      STATUTORY AUTHORITY: KRS 312.019, 312.085, 312.175

      NECESSITY, FUNCTION, AND CONFORMITY: KRS 312.019(9) authorizes the Kentucky Board of Chiropractic Examiners to promulgate administrative regulations consistent with KRS Chapter 312, regulating the practice of chiropractic. This administrative regulation establishes the procedures relating to standards, application, and approval for continuing education.


      Section 1. Standards for Continuing Education. (1) Continuing education shall be either:

      (a) A post graduate course of study at or sponsored by a chiropractic college accredited by the Council on Chiropractic Education or its successors; or

      (b) A continuing education program approved by the board, or a committee designated by the board to act between sessions of the board.

      (2) The continuing education program shall be:

      (a) Sponsored by a national or state chartered organization of chiropractors; and

      (b) Open to all doctors of chiropractic in Kentucky who desire to attend.

      (3) The instructors and speakers shall be in the field of chiropractic, chiropractic education, or allied sciences.

      (4) The programs to be presented shall contain subjects of clinical benefit to licensees and on a postgraduate level of education.


      Section 2. Application for Approval. (1) The sponsoring party of a proposed educational program for license renewal shall apply for approval of the program prior to its presentation by providing to the board:

      (a) The name of the course;

      (b) The name of the sponsoring organization;

      (c) The objective of the program;

      (d) The number of classroom hours over which the educational program will be presented and the dates presented;

      (e) The names of the instructors and speakers and the name and address of the institution with which they are associated, if applicable;

      (f) The instructors' or speakers' educational background and other relevant qualifications;

      (g) The name and address of the person authorized to certify attendance; and

      (h) A non-refundable educational program review fee of twenty-five (25) dollars for programs with one (1) date and one (1) location or $100 for programs with multiple dates and locations.

      (2) The educational program may be monitored by an officer of the board, the field coordinator of the board, or a person designated by the president of the board.

      (3)(a) A proposed program shall be submitted to the board for approval at least sixty (60) days prior to the date of the presentation.

      (b) The board, or a designee of the board to act between meetings of the board, shall give written notification of the board's approval or disapproval of the program to the sponsoring party not more than thirty (30) days after receiving the proposed educational program.

      (c) Within thirty (30) days of completion of the program, the sponsoring party shall submit to the board an individual, written certification of the:

      1. Name and license number of each licensee in attendance at the program;

      2. Sessions attended by each licensee; and

      3. Number of hours of each session attended. (40 Ky.R. 1509; Am. 2120; eff. 3-20-2014.)