††††† 201 KAR 27:017. Requirements for elimination events.


††††† RELATES TO: KRS 229.021, 229.071(1), 229.081, 229.091, 229.101, 229.131, 229.171, 229.180, 15 U.S.C. 6304, EO 2016-270

††††† STATUTORY AUTHORITY: KRS 229.151(1), 229.171(1), 229.180

††††† NECESSITY, FUNCTION, AND CONFORMITY: KRS 229.171(1) authorizes the authority to exercise sole jurisdiction over all boxing, kickboxing, mixed martial arts, and wrestling shows, exhibitions, and licensees in the commonwealth. Executive Order 2016-270, effective May 16, 2016, abolished the Kentucky Boxing and Wrestling Authority and established the Kentucky Boxing and Wrestling Commission. This administrative regulation establishes the rules of conduct governing elimination events.


††††† Section 1. Show Date. (1) A promoter shall request a show date by completing and submitting to the commission the Show Notice Form, which is incorporated by reference in 201 KAR 27:011, Section 23(1)(a).

††††† (2) The Show Notice Form shall be submitted for approval no less than thirty (30) calendar days before the requested show date.

††††† (3) A promoter shall not advertise a show until the date has been approved by the commission. Commission approval shall be effective upon the commission:

††††† (a) Placing the event on the Calendar of Events available on the commissionís Web site at http://ins.kbwa.ky.gov/ecal.asp; or

††††† (b) Providing written notice that the event is approved.


††††† Section 2. Compensation. (1) If a show or exhibition is cancelled with less than twenty-four (24) hours' notice to the commission, officials shall be paid one-half (1/2) the compensation agreed upon prior to the show or exhibition.

††††† (2) Before the commencement of the main event of an exhibition, a promoter of a show or exhibition shall tender to an inspector a certified check or money order made payable to each official who will officiate the show or exhibition. The schedule of compensation to be paid by the promoter to an official officiating an elimination event show shall be as follows:

††††† (a) For a judge:

††††† 1. $150 per day for shows of fifty (50) or fewer contestants; or

††††† 2. $175 per day for shows of over fifty (50) contestants;

††††† (b) For a timekeeper:

††††† 1. $150 per day for shows of fifty (50) or fewer contestants; or

††††† 2. $175 per day for shows of over fifty (50) contestants;

††††† (c) For a physician: $300 plus five (5) dollars per contestant; and

††††† (d) For a referee:

††††† 1. $150 dollars per day for shows of fifty (50) or fewer contestants; or

††††† 2. $175 dollars per day for shows of over fifty (50) contestants.


††††† Section 3. Pre-Bout. (1) A contestant shall report to, and be under the general supervision of, an inspector in attendance at the show and shall be subject to any instructions given by the inspector.

††††† (2) A contestant shall submit one (1) form of picture identification to the inspector.


††††† Section 4. The Ring. (1) The area between the ring and the first row of spectators on all four (4) sides and the locker room area shall be under the exclusive control of the commission.

††††† (a) Alcohol shall be prohibited in the areas under the control of the commission.

††††† (b) Commission staff and licensees shall be the only people allowed inside the areas under the control of the commission without inspector approval.

††††† (2) An event held outdoors while the heat index is or exceeds 100 degrees Fahrenheit shall be conducted under a roof or cover that casts shade over the entirety of the ring.

††††† (3) A ring shall have a canvas mat or similar material, unless the event is held outdoors, in which case only canvas shall be used.

††††† (4) There shall be an area of at least six (6) feet between the edge of the ring floor and the first row of spectator seats on all four (4) sides of the ring. A partition, barricade, or some type of divider shall be placed:

††††† (a) Between the first row of the spectator seats and the six (6) foot area surrounding the ring; and

††††† (b) Along the sides of the entry lane for the contestants to enter the ring and the spectator area.

††††† (5) The ring specifications shall be as established in this subsection.

††††† (a) A bout shall be held in a four (4) sided roped ring with the following specifications:

††††† 1. The floor of the ring inside the ropes shall not be less than sixteen (16) feet square;

††††† 2. The floor of the ring shall extend beyond the ropes for a distance of not less than one (1) foot;

††††† 3. The floor of the ring shall be elevated not more than six (6) feet above the arena floor; and

††††† 4. The ring shall have steps to enter the ring on two (2) sides.

††††† (b) The ring shall be formed of ropes with the following specifications:

††††† 1. There shall be a minimum of three (3) ropes extended in a triple line at the following heights above the ring floor:

††††† a. Twenty-four (24) inches;

††††† b. Thirty-six (36) inches; and

††††† c. Forty-eight (48) inches.

††††† 2. A fourth rope may be used if the inspector finds that it will not pose a health or safety concern.

††††† 3. The ropes shall be at least one (1) inch in diameter.

††††† 4. The ropes shall be wrapped in a clean, soft material and drawn taut.

††††† 5. The ropes shall be held in place with two (2) vertical straps on each of the four (4) sides of the ring.

††††† 6. The ropes shall be supported by ring posts that shall be:

††††† a. Made of metal or other strong material;

††††† b. Not less than three (3) inches in diameter; and

††††† c. At least eighteen (18) inches from the ropes.

††††† (c) The ring floor shall be padded or cushioned with a clean, soft material that:

††††† 1. Is at least one (1) inch thick and uses slow recovery foam matting;

††††† 2. Extends over the edge of the platform; and

††††† 3.a. Is covered with a single canvas stretched tightly. If the event is held outdoors, only canvas shall be used; and

††††† b. Is clean, sanitary, dry, and free from:

††††† (i) Grit;

††††† (ii) Dirt;

††††† (iii) Resin; and

††††† (iv) Any other foreign object or substance at commencement of the event.

††††† (d) A ring rope shall be attached to a ring post by turnbuckles padded with a soft vertical pad at least six (6) inches in width.


††††† Section 5. Equipment. (1) A bell or horn shall be used by the timekeeper to indicate the time.

††††† (2) In addition to the ring, the promoter shall supply:

††††† (a) A public address system in good working order;

††††† (b) Chairs for judges and timekeepers elevated sufficiently to provide an unobstructed view of the ring and the ring floor;

††††† (c) Items for each contestantís corner, to include:

††††† 1. A stool or chair;

††††† 2. A clean bucket;

††††† 3. Towels; and

††††† 4. Rubber gloves;

††††† (d) A complete set of numbered round-cards, if needed; and

††††† (e) Gloves for each contestant.

††††† (3) A scale used for any weigh-in shall be approved as accurate in advance by an inspector.


††††† Section 6. Contestant Equipment and Attire. (1) A contestant shall be clean and neatly attired in proper ring attire, and the trunks of opponents shall be of distinguishing colors.

††††† (2) A contestant shall not use a belt that contains any metal substance during a bout. The belt shall not extend above the waistline of the contestant.

††††† (3) A contestant shall wear shoes during a bout, and the shoes shall not be fitted with spikes, cleats, hard soles, or hard heels.

††††† (4) A contestant shall wear a properly fitted:

††††† (a) Groin protector; and

††††† (b) Double-arch mouthpiece.

††††† (5) If a contestant has long hair, the hair shall be secured by a soft, non-abrasive material so that the hair does not interfere with the vision or safety of either contestant.

††††† (6) If cosmetics are used, a contestant shall use a minimum of cosmetics.

††††† (7) A contestant shall wear boxing gloves that shall be:

††††† (a) Dry, clean, and sanitary;

††††† (b) Furnished by the promoter;

††††† (c) Clearly labeled with the promoterís name;

††††† (d) Of equal weight not less than sixteen (16) ounces each; and

††††† (e) Thumbless or thumb-attached.


††††† Section 7. Pregnancy Test Required for Females. (1) A female contestant shall submit proof she is not pregnant prior to her bout. The proof may be either:

††††† (a) An original or certified copy of the result of a medical test taken no more than one (1) week before the day of the bout that shows she is not pregnant; or

††††† (b) From an over-the-counter home pregnancy test taken while on the premises of the show that tests for human chorionic gonadotropin.

††††† (2) A female contestant shall be prohibited from competing if:

††††† (a) She is pregnant; or

††††† (b) She fails to comply with this section.


††††† Section 8. Weight Classes. An elimination event shall be divided into at least two (2) weight divisions. Open shows shall not be permitted.


††††† Section 9. Bout Requirements. An elimination event shall:

††††† (1) Be no more than three (3), one (1) minute rounds in length;

††††† (2) Contain a rest period of one (1) minute between rounds; and

††††† (3) Be scored on the ten (10) point must system.


††††† Section 10. Non-Contestant Participants. (1) A promoter shall provide a minimum of two (2) security guards for a show.

††††† (2) Judges, physicians, referees, and timekeepers shall be assigned to elimination events by the commission. The commission shall assign to each event:

††††† (a) Three (3) judges;

††††† (b) One (1) timekeeper;

††††† (c) One (1) physician; and

††††† (d) One (1) referee if fifty (50) or fewer contestants participate in the elimination event, or two (2) referees if more than fifty (50) contestants participate in the elimination event.


††††† Section 11. Physicians and Healthcare Requirements. (1) There shall be at least one (1) physician licensed by the commission at ringside at all times during a bout. A bout shall not begin or continue if a physician is not at ringside.

††††† (2) The physician shall have general supervision over the physical condition of each contestant at all times while on the premises of a show or exhibition.

††††† (3) The physician shall ensure that all equipment required by subsection (6) of this section is present before the start of the first bout or exhibition.

††††† (4) The physician shall prohibit a contestant from competing if the physician believes the contestant is physically unfit for competition or impaired by alcohol or a controlled substance.

††††† (5) The physicianís duties during the bout or exhibition shall be as established in this subsection.

††††† (a) The physician shall remain at ringside during the progress of any bout or exhibition unless attending to a person.

††††† (b) The physician shall observe the physical condition of each contestant during a bout.

††††† (c) The physician shall administer medical aid if needed or requested.

††††† (d) The physician shall order the referee to pause or end a bout or exhibition if necessary to prevent serious physical injury to a contestant.

††††† (6) The physician shall have at ringside medical supplies necessary to provide medical assistance for the type of injuries reasonably anticipated to occur in a boxing or kickboxing show. The physician shall not permit a referee to begin a bout if the medical supplies are not present. At a minimum, these medical supplies shall include:

††††† (a) A clean stretcher and blanket, placed under or adjacent to the ring throughout each bout;

††††† (b) Spine board;

††††† (c) Cervical collar;

††††† (d) Oxygen apparatus or equipment; and

††††† (e) First aid kit.

††††† (7) The promoter shall ensure that a certified ambulance with an emergency medical technician is on the premises of a show at all times. A show shall not begin or continue if the ambulance and emergency medical technician are not on the premises.

††††† (8) If at any time a contestant begins to bleed so that blood may come into contact with the other contestant, the gloves of the other contestant, the ring, the officials, or the audience, the bout shall be terminated.

††††† (a) The judges shall score the bout until the time the bout was halted and shall determine the winner.

††††† (b) Either the referee or the ringside physician has the power to terminate the bout under this subsection.


††††† Section 12. Insurance. (1) A promoter shall provide insurance for a contestant for any injuries sustained in the elimination event show.

††††† (2) The minimum amount of coverage per contestant shall be $5,000 health and $5,000 accidental death benefits.

††††† (3) A certificate of insurance coverage shall be provided to the commission no less than two (2) business days before the event.

††††† (4) The deductible expense under the policy for a contestant shall not exceed $500.


††††† Section 13. Other Provisions. (1) The inspector shall be present for all bouts in an elimination event.

††††† (2) A contestant shall not compete against a member of the opposite sex.

††††† (3) Smoking shall be prohibited inside the gymnasium, room, or hall in which the ring is located. (32 Ky.R. 1844; 2259; eff. 7-7-2006; 38 Ky.R. 1205; 1715; eff. 5-4-2012; 43 Ky.R. 304, 737, 974; eff. 1-6-2017.)