302 KAR 21:080. Poultry specific provisions.


      RELATES TO: KRS 257.196, 525.130


      NECESSITY, FUNCTION, AND CONFORMITY: KRS 257.196 requires the Board of Agriculture to promulgate administrative regulations establishing on-farm livestock and poultry care standards recommended to it by the Kentucky Livestock Care Standards Commission. This administrative regulation establishes additional standards and specifically authorized practices for poultry.


      Section 1. The provisions of 302 KAR 21:020 apply to on-farm livestock and poultry in Kentucky, except as provided by this administrative regulation. This administrative regulation adds additional standards and specifically authorized practices to 302 KAR 21:020 for poultry.


      Section 2. (1) Additional Standards.

      (a) Stocking densities shall allow all poultry to rest or perch at the same time in a single layer.

      (b) Ambulatory disabled and non-ambulatory disabled poultry that cannot reach feed or water shall be euthanized.

      (2) Authorized Practices. The following shall be authorized practices:

      (a) Non-feed withdrawal molt methods for layers and breeders;

      (b) Trimming of the beak;

      (c) The partial or complete removal of the comb, snood, toe nail;

      (d) Withholding of feed or water in circumstances such as:

      1. Preparation for administration of vaccines or medication in the water; or

      2. Preparation for transportation; and

      (e) Housing methods:

      1. A caged egg production system in an enclosed or open-sided building having some openwork for confining poultry. Types of caged housing systems include conventional, belt-battery, enriched, and reverse;

      2. A cage-free egg production system in an enclosed or open-sided building in which the poultry are free to move within the building. Types of cage-free housing systems include slat floor, litter floor, partial slat or litter floor, stretched wire floor, and aviary systems; and

      3. A free-roam or free-range egg production system where poultry have access to the outside or range and are provided shelter.

      (3) Euthanasia or Depopulation. Additional authorized euthanasia or depopulation methods for poultry shall include inhalants such as carbon dioxide, nitrogen or argon, manual cervical dislocation, tool-assisted cervical dislocation, gunshot, blunt force trauma, decapitation, non-penetrating captive bolt, electrocution, maceration, water based foam, and barbiturates. (40 Ky.R. 738; eff. 3-7-2014.)