902 KAR 2:070. Rabies control.


      RELATES TO: KRS 258.005-258.085, 258.990(1), (2)

      STATUTORY AUTHORITY: KRS 211.090, 258.035, 258.075, EO 2004-726

      NECESSITY, FUNCTION, AND CONFORMITY: EO 2004-726, effective July 9, 2004, reorganized the Cabinet for Health and Family Services and placed the Department for Public Health under the Cabinet for Health and Family Services. KRS 258.005 to 258.085 and 258.990(1) and (2) authorize the cabinet to administer a statewide rabies control program. This administrative regulation establishes uniform procedures for the diagnosis, prevention, and control of rabies.


      Section 1. Brands and Types of Approved Vaccine. The Cabinet for Health and Family Services hereby approves all brands and types of antirabies vaccine approved by the United States Department of Agriculture administered in accordance with the manufacturers' instructions; except only vaccines certified to induce at least three (3) year immunity shall be used in mass immunization clinics sponsored by local health departments.


      Section 2. Vaccination Schedule. The vaccination schedule for all dogs, cats, and ferrets shall be as follows:

      (1) All dogs, cats, and ferrets four (4) months of age and older shall be vaccinated against rabies.

      (2) Dogs, cats, and ferrets initially vaccinated shall be revaccinated one (1) year after the initial vaccination regardless of the type of vaccine used or age of the animal at the time of vaccination.

      (3) Thereafter the period of time required for revaccination shall be dependent upon the type of vaccine administered. The date of expiration shall be indicated on the vaccination certificate. The current revaccination recommendations of the National Association of State Public Health Veterinarians, Inc. may be utilized in determining expiration dates of vaccines.


      Section 3. Vaccination Certificates. Vaccination certificates shall provide the information found on the National Association of State Public Health Veterinarians NASPHV #51. Certificate information may be handwritten on a reproduction of the NASPHV #51 or it may be computer generated.


      Section 4. Dogs, Cats, and Ferrets Brought into State. All dogs, cats, and ferrets brought into Kentucky shall be vaccinated against rabies and have a currently valid rabies vaccination certificate. Reciprocity with other states is granted if the vaccine is U.S. Department of Agriculture approved and administered by a veterinarian licensed in that state.


      Section 5. Destroying an Animal Exhibiting Positive Signs of Rabies. If a dog, cat, or ferret is ordered to be destroyed and tested for rabies pursuant to KRS 258.085(1)(b), it shall be killed in a manner as to preserve the brain intact. The animal shall not be shot or clubbed in the head. Wild animals suspected of rabies shall be sacrificed and their heads submitted to the laboratory immediately.


      Section 6. Sending Heads of Ownerless Animals to the Laboratory. If the ownership of a rabies suspect animal is unknown, the expense of forwarding the head of the animal to the laboratory shall be borne by the local health department.


      Section 7. Rabies Vaccination Permits for Owners of Dogs. (1) The Cabinet for Health and Family Services shall issue permits to owners of dogs to vaccinate dogs owned by them upon satisfactory passage of an examination prescribed by the cabinet.

      (2) Current permit holders may renew their permit annually if initially renewed by December 31, 2004.

      (3) New permit holders shall pass a written examination that shall be administered immediately following an instructional course on rabies laws and vaccine administration. This course and examination will be provided annually in Frankfort.

      (4) The Cabinet for Health and Family Services shall forthwith revoke any permit issued under this administrative regulation upon finding that the permittee had vaccinated dogs not owned by him.


      (5) Permits issued under this administrative regulation may be renewed each year unless suspended, revoked or cancelled. Failure to renew between January 1 and February 28 of each year shall result in cancellation.


      Section 8. Incorporation by Reference. (1) "National Association of State Public Health Veterinarians NASPHV #51 (2004)" is incorporated by reference.

      (2) This material may be inspected, copied, or obtained, subject to applicable copyright law, at the Department for Public Health, 275 East Main Street, Frankfort, Kentucky 40621, Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. (CDS-7-1; 1 Ky.R. 188; eff. 12-11-74; Am. 5 Ky.R. 262; eff. 11-1-78; 31 Ky.R. 630; 945; eff. 11-17-2004.)