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Kentucky Administrative Regulations


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Chapter 1 General Administration Chapter 2 Inheritance Tax Chapter 3 Forms Chapter 5 Ad Valorem Tax; Administration Chapter 7 Ad Valorem Tax; Local Assessment Chapter 8 Ad Valorem Tax; State Assessment Chapter 15 Income Tax; General Administration Chapter 16 Income Tax; Corporations Chapter 17 Income Tax; Individual Chapter 18 Income Tax; Withholding Chapter 19 Income Tax; Miscellaneous Chapter 20 Corporation License Tax Chapter 25 Sales and Use Tax; Registration and Collection Chapter 26 Sales and Use Tax; Service and Professional Occupations Chapter 27 Sales and Use Tax; Miscellaneous Retailer Occupations Chapter 28 Sales and Use Tax; Miscellaneous Retail Transactions Chapter 30 Sales and Use Tax; General Exemptions Chapter 31 Sales and Use Tax; Administration and Accounting Chapter 40 Selective Excise Tax; Alcoholic Beverages Chapter 41 Selective Excise Tax; Cigarettes Chapter 43 Selective Excise Tax; Motor Fuels Chapter 44 Selective Excise Tax; Motor Vehicle Usage Chapter 45 Selective Excise Tax; Miscellaneous Chapter 50 Tax Increment Financing
KAR | Legislature Home Page