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Assumed business name certificates, renewal - HB 201
Bank franchise tax, update Internal Revenue Code reference date - HB 531
Business sale of goods or services at below cost, prohibition - HB 263
Constitutional amendment - SB 120: SCS, HCS
Corporation statutes, revision - SB 121
Financing of existing industry development - HB 602: SFA(2)
Ky. Rural Economic Development Act, addition of limestone in manufacturing definition - HB 15
Limit Kentucky Constitution impact on, proposed constitutional amendment - SB 120
Motor fuel taxes, exception to officer liability provisions - HB 614: SFA(1)
Private investigators, licensing of - SB 139: HCS
Proposed constitutional amendment, clarification of effect of all other sections, ballot language - SB 120: SCS
West Kentucky Corporation, addition of Green County to - HB 98
Workers' compensation, employer liability - HB 656

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