Jails and Jailers

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Assault 3rd degree, jail transportation officer - HB 333
Class C and D felons, reimbursement for the transportation of - SB 202
  • weapons, carrying of - HB 97: SFA(3)
  • weapons, right for jailer and deputies to carry statewide - HB 401
Court proceedings - SB 272
DNA, expansion of criminal database - HB 4
Incentive payments for training, jailers participation in - HB 478: HCS
Inmate lawsuits, effect of prior frivolous suits - HB 86: SFA(1),(2)
Jailers with life safety facilities or closed facilities, allow training and incentive for - HB 478
Juvenile detention and education programs - HB 145
Mental health consultation and education funding provided - HB 507: SCA(1)
Observing or photographing person in custody, permitted when - HB 133
Provision of mental health services, report required - SB 2: HFA(2),(4),(5),(7),(9)
Standards, requirements to include mental health services - SB 2: HFA(2),(4),(5),(7),(9)
Suicide and attempts, report required - SB 2: HFA(2),(4),(5),(7),(9)

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