Malt Beverages

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Alcoholic beverages, limitation on sale of, state owned facilities - SB 123: HFA(5); HB 511: HFA (1),(2)
Distribution, Kentucky retailer package license - HB 605: HFA(1)
Employees of alcoholic beverage licensees, age restrictions on - HB 512
Establishments where alcoholic beverages are sold, ban on minors' presence, exceptions to - HB 513
KY-ASAP, membership on - SB 2: SCS
Licensure, private clubs and lodges - HB 134
Malt beverages and distilled spirits retailer, after hour grace period for consumption - HB 511: HCS
  • malt beverage licensee, temporary liquor license, issuance of - SB 123: HFA(1)
  • organization's malt beverage license, temporary distilled spirits & wine license, basis - HB 511: SFA(1)
Sunday malt beverage sales, prohibition on - SB 123: HFA(2)

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