Oil and Natural Gas

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Biodiesel use, study of requiring - HCR 113
Biodiesel, definition, require all diesel to contain a percentage - HB 40
Exempt railroads - HB 40: HFA(1)
Extension of oil and gas permit term, prohibit under certain circumstances - HB 705: HFA(2)
MTBE ban, move date back to 2006, remove ethanol mandate - HB 708: HCS
  • and gas owners and lessees, pooling orders, omnibus revision - HB 745
  • and natural gas, pooling order, notification of - HB 745: HCA(1)
Permits to develop wells, one year extension allowed - SB 194; HB 705
Permits, application of Act, make prospective - HB 705: HFA(1)
Phase out MTBE, replace with ethanol - HB 708
Prohibit certain extensions of oil and gas permit terms unless agreed to by surface owner - HB 705: HFA(3)
Property tax assessment on energy resources - HB 243: HCS
Unmined minerals, method of assessment for tax - HB 243; HB 243: SFA (1)

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