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  • devices, Cabinet for Health Services to develop network for the distribution of used - HJR 148
  • devices, used, Cabinet for Health Services to study network for the distribution of - HJR 148: HCS
    Cabinet for Health Services, task force studying health services by - HCR 153
    Cemetery care - HB 521
    Dental services for the indigent, out-of-state practitioners, licensing requirements - SB 153
    Dentist and hygienist, charitable care, medical malpractice insurance for - SB 153: HCS
    DNA testing, omnibus revision - HB 4: HCS
    High-cost home loans - SB 145
    Human service transportation delivery, definition of - HB 731: HCS
    Kentucky's e-Health Network, savings from - SB 108: SFA(3)
    Nonprofit agencies, food distribution program for - HB 746: HCS
    Prescription drug coverage for low income residents, Medicaid, waiver for - HB 819: HFA(2)

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