Wages and Hours

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Average hourly wage, calculation, exempt health care - HB 602: HFA(7)
Base hourly wage, decrease percentage of federal minimum wage requirement - HB 602: HFA(6)
City and county police, awarding of compensatory time in lieu of overtime pay - HB 609
Jury service, excuse and compensation - HB 541
  • pay, authorize compensatory time in lieu of - HB 596: HCS
  • pay, authorize compensatory time in lieu of for county employees - HB 596
  • pay, exempt employees who are employed as a seaman - HB 474
Overtime, nonsupervisory employees, prohibit by health facility - HB 732
Prevailing wage determination, annual wage survey, provisions for - HB 632
Railroad crews, mandatory time off after seven consecutive work days - HB 463
Work shift, study of health facility employees - HB 732: HCS
  • compensation, average weekly wage, calculation - HB 782
  • compensation, termination of benefits - HB 832

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