Water Supply

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Agreements on managing water use, exclude privately owned water impoundments - SCR 17: HFA(3)
Area development districts and Rural Water Assoc., add to watershed task force - SCR 17: HFA(4)
Confidentiality of agriculture water quality plans, exclude from - HB 367: HFA(1)
Dedicated water transmission lines; designation of - HB 752
Director of Council of Area Development Districts, add to watershed task force - SCR 17: HFA(2)
Exempt ponds owned by the gentleman from Butler - SCR 17: HFA(1)
Exemption from water withdrawal permit requirement for power plants, deletion of - HB 738
  • River Authority, water use fees, limit - HB 714
  • Watershed Task Force, add Murray State Center for Reservoir Research - SCR 17: SFA(2)
  • Watershed Task Force, creation - SCR 17
Mitigation measures for stream impacts from coal mines, urge consideration by agencies - HB 798: HCA(1)
Monthly estimates and warrants for payment, repeal of - HB 650
Orders of the PSC relating to water utilities, require consistency with Ky River Authority plans - HB 714: HFA(1)
Sewage collection and treatment - HB 854: HFA(1)
Sewers, connection to or on-site collection required of property owners - HB 854
  • districts, employee retirement coverage - HB 836
  • quality certification process for coal mines, revise - HB 798
Watershed Task Force, add Farm Bureau, Resources Council, and WKU Water Resource Studies - SCR 17: SFA(1)

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