02RS HB315


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HB 315 (BR 455) - T. Kerr, G. Stumbo, Ro. Adams, A. Arnold, E. Ballard, S. Baugh, I. Branham, K. Bratcher, S. Brinkman, J. Bruce, De. Butler, Dw. Butler, J. Callahan, P. Childers, P. Clark, H. Cornett, B. Crall, R. Crimm, R. Damron, M. Denham, B. DeWeese, J. Draud, T. Feeley, J. Fischer, D. Ford, J. Gooch, G. Graham, K. Hall, B. Heleringer, C. Hoffman, J. Hoover, S. Lee, P. Marcotte, C. Miller, R. Mobley, L. Napier, R. Nelson, S. Nunn, T. Pullin, M. Rader, J. Reinhardt, J. Richards, T. Riner, C. Siler, A. Simpson, J. Stewart, G. Tapp, M. Treesh, Jo. Turner, J. Vincent, C. Walton, M. Weaver, R. Wilkey

     AN ACT relating to wrongful death actions.
     Amend KRS 411.130 to allow for prosecution of wrongful death action for an unborn child from fertilization onward, without regard to age, health, or condition of dependency and to allow for recovery of loss of consortium in all cases; amend KRS 411.135 to conform; create new section of KRS Chapter 411 to exempt health care providers and pregnant women from liability under certain circumstances.

     Jan 11-introduced in House
     Jan 14-to Judiciary (H)

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