02RS HB865


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HB 865/FN/LM (BR 2354) - H. Moberly

     AN ACT relating to revenue and taxation, making an appropriation, and declaring an emergency.
     Create 28 new sections of KRS Chapter 138 to establish a communications excise tax of 7.1% of the sales price of any communications service that originates or terminates in this state; exclude from the tax governmental entities, churches, and schools; establish a communications excise tax fund and a communications excise tax local fund to distribute a portion of the communications excise tax to participating local governments; establish a Communications Excise Tax Local Distribution Fund Oversight Committee to monitor the local distribution fund and oversee distribution amounts; prohibit local governments from levying most taxes or fees on communications services; amend KRS 132.010 to modify the definition of real property of companies providing communications services; create a new section of KRS Chapter 132 to indicate that only the Revenue Cabinet shall value the tangible personal property of companies providing communications services, and shall allocate that value to local districts where the property is located; amend KRS 136.120 to make all providers of communications services subject to the public service company property tax; amend KRS 139.100 to remove communications services from the sales tax; amend KRS 141.120 to specify how companies providing communications services shall allocate and apportion income; amend KRS 160.613 to remove telephonic and telegraphic communications services from the 3% gross receipts tax for schools; amend various KRS sections to conform.

     Mar 4-introduced in House
     Mar 5-to Appropriations and Revenue (H)
     Mar 15-posted in committee

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