02RS HB874


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HB 874 (BR 2597) - C. Belcher, G. Tapp, L. Clark, G. Graham, B. Yonts

     AN ACT relating to electrical workers.
     Establish KRS Chapter 227A and create new sections thereof to require to be licensed anyone who considers himself or herself an electrician, electrical contractor, or master electrician; prohibit anyone who is not licensed from engaging in activities usually performed by an electrician, electrical contractor, or master electrician; permit a local licensing program in existence on the effective date of this Act to become the Department of Housing, Buildings and Construction's agent to issue and renew licenses and to negotiate fees retained; exempt installations under the exclusive control of electric utilities; exempt maintenance workers or engineers who perform routine maintenance; exempt farmers and homeowners installing or repairing electrical wiring on their own property; create the Kentucky Electrical Advisory Committee and establish its term, membership, and compensation; establish the duties of the department including the authority to promulgate administrative regulations and to grant licenses by reciprocity to individuals from other states whose credentials are substantially equal to those required in this Act; permit the grandfathering in of individuals currently engaged in the work of an electrician, electrical contractor, or master electrician who can verify appropriate years of experience in their respective areas until July 15, 2003; establish procedures for license renewal and reinstatement; require 12 hours of continuing education for license renewal; set grounds for license revocation; permit an aggrieved party to bring an action against the department in the Circuit Court where the party resides or in Franklin County Circuit Court; establish penalties; amend KRS 227.480 to include that a city or county or state cannot issue a construction permit unless the applicant has proof of licensure in accordance with this Act; repeal KRS 227.490 and 227.4901.

     Mar 4-introduced in House
     Mar 5-to Labor and Industry (H)
     Mar 7-posted in committee

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