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SB 144 (BR 1448) - R. Sanders Jr

     AN ACT relating to appropriations providing financing for the operations, maintenance, support, and functioning of the government of the Commonwealth of Kentucky and its various officers, cabinets, departments, boards, commissions, institutions, subdivisions, agencies, and other state-supported activities.
     The State/Executive Branch Budget: appropriate from the General Fund, Road Fund, Restricted Funds, Federal Funds, Bond Funds, Agency Bonds, Capital Construction Surplus, Investment Income, and other funds, $113,803,200 for fiscal year 2001-02; $18,046,982,000 in fiscal year 2002-03; $17,550,332,600 in fiscal year 2003-04, as follows:
Government Operations
2001-02 $ 7,500,000
2002-03 $ 543,330,700
2003-04 $ 549,456,500
Economic Development
2001-02 $ 351,500
2002-03 $ 19,923,900
2003-04 $ 20,240,100
2002-03 $3,309,210,500
2003-04 $3,401,575,800
Education, Arts, and Humanities
2002-03 $ 223,800,900
2003-04 $ 236,699,100
Cabinet for Families and Children
2002-03 $ 960,419,400
2003-04 $ 994,302,800
Finance and Administration
2002-03 $ 421,776,600
2003-04 $ 426,257,800
Cabinet for Health Services
2002-03 $4,049,770,300
2003-04 $4,048,879,000
Justice Cabinet
2001-02 $ 7,154,200
2002-03 $ 637,110,700
2003-04 $ 655,196,700
Labor Cabinet
2002-03 $ 272,775,400
2003-04 $ 271,700,700
Natural Resource and Environmental Protection
2002-03 $ 153,886,800
2003-04 $ 160,349,400
Personnel Cabinet
2002-03 $ 39,019,600
2003-04 $ 41,328,600
Postsecondary Education
2002-03 $3,316,219,800
2003-04 $3,470,440,100
Public Protection and Regulation
2002-03 $ 160,722,700
2003-04 $ 163,197,900
2002-03 $ 101,352,900
2003-04 $ 102,599,600
Tourism Development
2001-02 $ 700,000
2002-03 $ 161,774,000
2003-04 $ 166,893,000
2001-02 $ 49,626,000
2002-03 $1,693,687,200
2003-04 $1,721,861,700
Workforce Development
2001-02 $ 11,632,500
2002-03 $ 739,169,400
2003-04 $ 742,867,800;
Not included in the above appropriation amounts are capital project amounts as follows:
Capital Projects
2001-02 $ 36,839,000
2002-03 $1,117,431,200
2003-04 $ 267,386,000;
direct that appropriations for existing line-item capital construction projects expire on June 30, 2002, except under specified conditions; authorize certain bond projects that may not be sold prior to January, 1, 2003; provide for lapse of General Fund appropriated debt service under certain conditions; allow funding of capital projects from specified funding sources; direct use of investment income from bond proceeds and the Technology Trust Fund; authorize an Agency Bond Pool totaling $66,800,000 under specified conditions and uses; provide for the Research Challenge Trust Fund and the Regional University Excellence Trust Fund; extend the matching requirement for the Capital Renewal and Maintenance Pool to June 30, 2004; direct the use and issuance of economic development bonds; provide appropriation and reporting of certain capital projects; appropriate funds for the Energy Efficiency in State Government Building Revolving Loan Fund; redirect funds previously provided for the Red Fox golf course; provide for the recording, reporting, allotment, and expenditure of appropriated funds; provide for the deposit of Restricted Funds and Federal Funds; prohibit the transfer of funds between budget units unless specifically authorized and upon review and determination by the Interim Joint Committee on Appropriations and Revenue; provide that no appropriation from any fund source shall exceed the sum specified until the agency has submitted required documentation to the Interim Joint Committee on Appropriations and Revenue for review and action under KRS 48.630; provide that questions relating to interpreting any appropriation be decided by the secretary of the Finance and Administration Cabinet; provide that within 60 days upon adjournment of the 2002 General Assembly, the Governor's Office for Policy and Management shall prepare a final budget document based on the proposed State/Executive Branch Budget, the statutory budget memorandum, and other acts that contain appropriation provisions as enacted by the 2002 General Assembly, and other supporting documentation and legislative records as considered by the 2002 General Assembly; provide that the secretary of the Finance and Administration Cabinet monitor and report on the financial condition of the Commonwealth under KRS 48.400; authorize the secretary of the Finance and Administration Cabinet to establish a formula to prorating certain administrative costs; require Road Fund resources be utilized to meet the lease rental payments of the Kentucky Turnpike Authority for Resource Recovery Road projects; direct that confirmation or ratification of executive orders must be confirmed or ratified in another Act of the 2002 Regular Session of the General Assembly; provide that the employer contribution for KERS includes the revenues received from the Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield demutualization agreement and therefore shall be no more than 3.76 percent for non hazardous duty employees, 17.60 percent for hazardous duty employees, and 17.37 for State Police for the period July 1, 2002, through June 30, 2003, and shall be no more than 5.89 percent for nonhazardous duty employees, 18.84 percent for hazardous duty employees, and 21.58 for State Police for the period July 1, 2003, through June 30, 2004; direct the Finance and Administration Cabinet in conjunction with the Consensus Forecasting Group to provide a budget planning report by August 15, 2003; direct the Finance and Administration Cabinet to provide estimates relating to the General Fund and Road Fund and loss of revenues effected by tax expenditures; provide that the first $6,000,000 of unclaimed prize money is to be retained by the Kentucky Lottery Corporation for specified purposes and amounts in excess of $6,000,000 be transferred to the Affordable Housing Trust Fund in each fiscal year; provide for carry-forward of undesignated General Fund balances; provide for the funding and uses of the Technology Trust Fund; provide for the confirmation and adoption of the General Fund Budget Reduction Orders No. 01-01 and 01-02 for FY 2000-01 and General Fund Budget Reduction Orders No. 02-01 and 02-02 for FY 2001-02 and the Road Fund Budget Reduction Orders No. 01-01 and 01-02 for FY 2000-01 and Road Fund Budget Reduction Orders No. 02-01 and 02-02 for FY 2001-02; limit the total number of filled permanent positions within the Executive Branch to the number authorized in the budget; provide a 2.7 percent cost-of-living adjustment in each fiscal year for each eligible state employee on their anniversary date; provide for identification and filling of positions not funded within the budget; provide for funds transfers to the General Fund totaling $2,500,000 in FY 2001-02, $145,400,000 in FY 2002-03, and $42,000,000 in FY 2003-04; provide for a General Fund Budget Reduction Plan, a Road Fund Budget Reduction Plan, and a Road Fund Surplus Plan; provide conditions, directives, and mandates for implementation of the budget plan; provide for a General Fund Surplus Expenditure Plan; and provide for identification and appropriation of Phase I Master Settlement Tobacco Settlement funds totaling $125,600,000 in FY 2002-03 and $109,100,000 in FY 2003-04.

     Jan 29-introduced in Senate
     Feb 1-to Appropriations and Revenue (S)

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