02RS SB231


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SB 231 (BR 858) - K. Stine

     AN ACT relating to state government contracting.
     Amend KRS 45A.030 to add definitions for certain terms; amend KRS 45A.095 to require the Finance and Administration Cabinet to examine all requests for a sole source exemption rigorously; develop renewal policies and procedures for sole source contracts which limit renewals to no more than two consecutive renewals; report annually to the Government Contract Review Committee certain information regarding sole source contracts; amend KRS 45A.100 to make technical corrections; amend KRS 45A.690 to clarify the proper use of memoranda of agreement; amend KRS 45A.695 to require that documented evidence of cost effectiveness and a detailed statement of the monitoring plan for sole source contracts be included on a proof of necessity; amend KRS 45A.705 to delete certain reporting requirements; create new sections of KRS Chapter 45A to prohibit an agency of the Commonwealth from entering into any contractual agreement in which the agency is not an original party to that agreement; prohibit contract payments which can not be linked to a specific contract; require the Finance and Administration Cabinet to establish and maintain a Procurement Training Program; develop polices and procedures to govern travel reimbursement for service contractors; create a Web site designated and maintained for certain specified purposes; establish an Office of the Ombudsman; promulgate administrative regulations to govern assessments of all contractors; provide training for all state agencies on the necessity of adequate contract monitoring; develop and implement protocols regarding the award of actual work to those who have been granted prequalified master agreements; submit an electronic database and hard copy report to the Government Contract Review Committee regarding prequalified master agreements at specified times; create new sections of KRS Chapter 45A to require the secretaries of the Finance and Administration Cabinet and the Personnel Cabinet, and the executive director of the Kentucky Employee Retirement Systems to establish certain contracting guidelines and to address the conditions under which service contracts may include nonfederal benefits that are normally associated with regular state employment.


     SFA (1, T. Buford) - Amend to retain the provision that competitive bids may not be required for library books.

     SFA (2, M. Long) - Require the Finance and Administration Cabinet to maintain records, including adequate justification, on emergency and sole source contracts and agreements, and require full reports to the Government Contract Review Committee upon request.

     SFA (3, K. Stine) - Provide that library books may be purchased by the state without competitive bids; increase the membership of the Government Contract Review Committee from seven to eight, consisting of four Senators appointed by the President and four Representatives appointed by the Speaker; require inclusion of one minority party member from each chamber; require members appointed from each chamber to elect one member from their chamber to serve as co-chair; direct vacancies to be filled by the President and Speaker as in original appointments; and increase quorum from four to five.

     Feb 21-introduced in Senate
     Feb 26-to State and Local Government (S)
     Mar 5-reported favorably, 1st reading, to Calendar
     Mar 6-2nd reading, to Rules; posted for passage in the Regular Orders of the Day for Thursday, March 7, 2002
     Mar 7-passed over and retained in the Orders of the Day; floor amendments (1) (2) and (3) filed
     Mar 8-2nd reading; floor amendment (1) withdrawn ; passed 33-1 with floor amendments (2) and (3)
     Mar 11-received in House
     Mar 12-to State Government (H)
     Mar 14-posted in committee

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