Moments in Kentucky
Legislative History

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On January 3, 1809, Henry Clay introduced a resolution in the House that “the members of the general assembly will clothe themselves in productions of American manufacture, and will abstain from the use of cloth or linens of European fabric until the belligerent nations respect the rights of neutrals.” This was a response to attacks on American shipping by England and France as part of the British conflict with Napoleon. Clay’s resolution sparked a response from Federalist Humphrey Marshall that led to a duel between the two Kentuckians.

Thomas Crockett’s homespun shirt

Thomas Crockett’s homespun shirt, circa 1810. A Regency-era ruffled linen dress shirt, which was spun, woven, cut, and assembled by Susan West Crockett. Donated by Mr. & Mrs. George McCalla Spears. KHS Collections.

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